Rock-hard building

feel soft, have the
mystical smell of
linseed oil.
Anker Stones consist of quartz sand, linseed oil, colour pigments and chalk - For over 125 years the formula has remained the same. The use of 100% natural ingredients meets the highest ecological standards.

The precisely measured natural ingredients are blended in a big barrel. The slightly oily, coloured powder has the characteristic smell of linseed oil.

Compressing the mixture requires special moulds, which are made according to original drawings and old existing formers.
The mixture is compressed into the brick form under very high pressure. This process is either performed pressing four stones at a time with modern hydraulic presses or, alternatively, forming each stone separately with manually operated presses.

The Anker Stones are dried in large ovens at 110 degrees Celsius. After this production step is completed the stones are tested regarding size and cracks.

Quality control
In order to ensure the highest quality, each stone is tested individually and measured by hand in order to meet the required standard. There is a mere tolerance limit of only a few 1/10th of a millimetre.

Finally, the Anker Stones are sorted into the specific boxes and distributed worldwide.