Currently, 16 different building sets are manufactured that can be combined according to the traditional Anker extension system. With each extension set, the number and diversity of the stones increase- and thus, also the possibilities to create larger and more multifaceted buildings. The building plans in the extension boxes are designed in a way that enables you to use stones from previous basic boxes.


Our range includes different regular puzzles and placement puzzles. Just a few stones can generate more than
100 placing options.

Geduld- und Legespiele

Single bricks

You can purchase single stones as
well. We have a large stock of Anker Stones to meet your individual
desires. Please approach us


Our elegant and firm closet on wheels can carry any building set up to
building set no. 34. The single
drawers are easily operated
through rails. cat_zubehoer.jpg

Here you can download different ornaments and patterns.

Downloads of the Club of Anker Friends

Brick catalogue 2008
A catalogue that specifies all full-size stones that can be manufactured so far is available as a convenient guide.

Building plans
Here we provide the current building plans.